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Error 2048 description

Error 2048 Definition: Error 2048 usually occurs while running a quicktime movie.

Error 2048 is a very common and annoying Windows error. Error 2048 is usually caused by outdated and corrupt system files, malfunctioning system settings or a defect registry file.

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Error 2048 Causes

Have you also run into this error? On this website you can read about possible causes and fixes for Error 2048. The main solution we recommend is the Error 2048 Repair tool that can solve your problem in three easy steps. First start by downloading the repair tool, then scan your computer, then choose to fix it.

Normally, you get the Error 2048 message while trying to play a quicktime movie file. The 2048 Error message code may appear while running other application as well. Basically it depends on another of parameters. The state of your registry, the date of your system files and drivers and many other factors. The most typical causes for the ‘Error 2048’ are corrupt memory, outdated device driver, infected software such as malware applications or even problems with the Windows security features.

Do not try to fix Error 2048 by yourself as it may cause your computer to completely crash eventually. Instead, we recommend trying the official Error 2048 repair tool.

Error 2048 Fix Tool

Error 2048 Recommended Solution:

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